by Anicon



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released July 7, 2016

Nolan Voss - Guitar & Vocals
Owen Rundquist - Guitar & Vocals
Alexander DeMaria - Bass
Lev Weinstein - Drums

Engineered and mastered by Colin Marston at Menegroth, Winter 2015

Photography by Kari Greer



all rights reserved


Anicon New York, New York


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Track Name: Toil and Mockery
Toil amidst piss and pavement
Amidst concrete and stink
Results in toil
Rewards with mockery
Can it be realized?
Can it be forgotten?
One by one in the weft
And the world’s ugliness is old
Track Name: The World As Will
In day by white
Where naught else but ice
The waking distance between the living and no longer
Built to raze
Stone by stone by stone
By his own hand

Until nothing’s left
Until everything is unbuilt
Until the child drowns
The sky watches on
The wind rushes on
The child drowns

In gold and blue
There would be nothing for every name
The sleeping distance between the dead
The vacancy of a wound
A knife that shares your face
With eyes like glass
Track Name: Mazzaroth
Painting cross a map's burnt edge
Mass expands as blackness
To spill beyond every thought as ink
And murk bleeds into every crease
Where all is without name
Lines intersect and collide
Begin and in tandem end
There find Violence; there find Peace
Rattling every story on until the telling is done
Track Name: Robed In Torments
To a great weight tethered
With no reach or recourse
From out this force
From this motionless stare

It remains unseen
And looms over me
As a reflection in the deepest black
In distress
In defeat

In this unending place
With no escape
I am lost
And a presence grows

In which I suffocate
As detritus
I drift away
Track Name: Hallucinating Fate
Fear is tossed away
Silence creeps slowly
Thoughts plague my mind
I lie still and afraid
What exists, I cannot comprehend

Swallowed by non-existence
Approaching the end
Minds shatter at the thought of the unexplained

All yields to fate
The cycle ends
To prod the real
And what remains

Reach finality
Awaiting the descent
Reserve my soul for salvation
Not present but aware
Track Name: From Teeth, From Tongue
You who delves for jest
You who builds two sides
For knowledge when the box is opened

Wretched fool

With pedantic metaphor
With prescriptive slogans or
Words beyond your depth
And thoughts lesser yet

The world bathed in black
So robed go forth
Unfurled dedications lack
Weight or worth
Fools all and each
From death to birth
With naught to teach
Track Name: In Shadow and Amber
Stillness of body
Wisdom of form
Grant me sight beyond this torment

The familiar is false
I watch
The beliefs are stripped away

Lurid perceptions besiege
To swallow the mind
Trapped are the helpless
Awaiting their demise
My will remains

Escaping horrors
As fears will follow
Clouded by terror
In dormant mind